Our Story

Dale Vaughn lead vocalist and band leader assembled The Dale Vaughn Band in 2007 after the release of his highly successful debut album Hometown Feel (March 2007). Dale's Southern Michigan hometown family roots and crazy times growing up on a horse farm had set the stage for a great debut album that boasts four #1 independent hits and a successful run at an independent #1 hit in Australia. His musical experiences starting at age 8 contributed to the album that features songs in a personal traditional country style as well as an upbeat newer country style. The Hometown Feel album takes you through Dale's ups and downs, twists and turns of his rowdy crazy yet always comical life. After such success, Dale decided to take the music to the people live and in person. Since the band's inception, they have released the three-track Quarter to Crazy album (April 2011) which brings yet even more stories of Dale's life and times. Their newest single Wild and Crazy (January 2018) has had great success on country radio and they continue their studio visits to complete a 10 track album set to release in mid-summer 2018. With the titles of his tracks, it's no secret that Dale provides crazy, energetic, entertaining shows.